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Versus Recurrent Back Pain

Have you ever injured a muscle and it never felt the same again?

Does the muscle reinjure easily?

Luckily low back pain, upper back pain, shoulder pain and neck pain are most commonly caused by muscle strain. OPTI-STRETCH will provide new and unique knowledge into the science of stretching for rehabilitation. OPTI-STRETCH can now effectively rehabilitate a “bad back” due solely to muscle strain, coined by Dr. Neil, M.D. a Recurrent Back Strain Syndrome.

Now using the OPTI-STRETCH book which includes a narrated DVD by Dr. Neil showing the correct way to perform every stretch you can learn:

  • How to make your muscles less susceptible to muscle strains
  • How to detect chronically injured muscles
  • That symmetrical muscle movement reduces the chances of muscle strains
  • How to safely increase your range of motion for a more active lifestyle
  • Neutral stretches that will tone all the major muscles groups of the back and neck
  • That muscles have to have proper tone in order for them to be strengthened and conditioned without straining the muscles
  • Therapeutic stretching to heal and lengthen chronically injured muscles that have been injured by muscle strains
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